Quick Answer: Silas Marner Who Offered To Buy Eppies Wedding Dress?

10th Grade Literature Quiz 4–Silas Marner

Who offered to provide Eppie’s wedding dress? Mrs. Cass
Who said, “I wanted to pass for childless once”? Godfrey
“For I am ugly–there’s no denying that: I feature my father’s family. But, law! I don’t mind, do you?” Priscilla Lammeter


What contributions do Godfrey and Nancy make to Eppie’s wedding?

Nancy and Godfrey also donated their beautiful home, flowers, and decorations for the wedding to be a complete success. In addition to that, they offered the wedding banquet and invited many people from the village so that everyone could be in awe at how beautiful she looked.

Who is Mr Macey in Silas Marner?

Mr. Macey is the clerk of the local parish in Raveloe. He suggests that Silas Marner may be prone to possession by spirits, as evidenced by Silas’s

In what town did Silas Marner settle after he was banished from his church?

Silas has ended up in Raveloe because the members of his religious sect in Lantern Yard, an insular neighborhood in a larger town, falsely accused him of theft and excommunicated him.

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What happens at the end of Silas Marner?

Silas Marner ends with a wedding, a curiously optimistic send-off for a novel that has led its protagonist Silas (and its secondary protagonist Godfrey) through one misfortune after another. The pat ending—Eppie sighing delightedly that “nobody could be happier than we are”—should satisfy even the pickiest romantic.

What was Silas Marner’s profession?

Silas Marner, a weaver, is a member of a small Calvinist congregation in Lantern Yard, a slum street in Northern England. He is falsely accused of stealing the congregation’s funds while watching over the very ill deacon.

Does Godfrey marry Nancy?

Godfrey marries Nancy Lammeter, but their only child dies as a baby. Dustan’s body is discovered sixteen years later at the bottom of the quarry, and Godfrey confesses everything to Nancy.

What is George Eliot’s real name?

Silas names the child Hepzibah — Eppie for short — after his mother and little sister. He finds that, unlike his gold, Eppie makes him constantly aware of the world and of other men. He gives her his wholehearted love, and everywhere he finds kindness from the other villagers. Sixteen years pass.

Who is Eppies father?

Eppie is the biological child of Godfrey Cass and Molly Farren, Godfrey’s secret wife.

Who married EP pie at the end?

Summary: Conclusion Eppie and Aaron are married on a beautiful summer day. Priscilla Lammeter and her father are among those who watch the procession through the village.

Where did Silas hide his treasure?

He keeps the coins in an iron pot hidden under the floor beneath his loom, and takes them out only at night, “to enjoy their companionship.” When the pot is no longer large enough to hold his hoard, Silas begins keeping the money in two leather bags.

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How did Eppie change Silas life?

Eppie humanizes Silas and brings him out of his shell. Thanks to Eppie, Silas no longer remains trapped in his own little world. And it is because of her that he develops emotional intelligence, which reacquaints him with the values of faith, family, and community.

Why did Nancy not adopt Eppie initially?

Like her insistence years before that she and Priscilla wear the same dress, Nancy’s unyielding opposition to adoption is not based on any particular reasoning, but simply because she feels it important to have “her unalterable little code.” Godfrey’s argument—that the adopted Eppie has turned out well—is of no use.

What was Godfrey Cass weakness?

Godfrey is the eldest son of Squire Cass and the heir to the Cass estate. He is a good-natured young man, but weak-willed and usually unable to think of much beyond his immediate material comfort. As a young man he married an opium addict, Molly Farren, with whom he had a daughter.

Why did Silas shut himself away in his cottage at Raveloe?

Silas has ended up in Raveloe because the members of his religious sect in Lantern Yard, an insular neighborhood in a larger town, falsely accused him of theft and excommunicated him.

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