Often asked: What Size Box To Ship A Wedding Dress?

Most wedding gowns will fit into a box that is 18 x 16 X 9.

How do you ship a dress in a box?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Wrap the dress in acid-free tissue paper. Encase in a clear plastic garment bag.
  2. Write “Wedding Dress” on the exterior of the box. Secure outside with tape.
  3. If possible, most bridal shops will ship a wedding dress on your behalf.
  4. How much does it cost to ship a wedding dress?

What is the cheapest way to ship 50 lbs?

Parcel shipping (UPS or FedEx) UPS and FedEx both offer flat rate shipping for boxes up to 50lbs, often at cheaper rates than variable pricing. UPS flat rate shipping, called UPS Simple Rate, offers delivery as fast as second day air transport.

What is the best way to post a wedding dress?

Whether you’ve just sold your wedding dress on Still White or having a destination wedding, here is the ultimate guide to shipping your dress safely.

  1. Use a small sturdy box.
  2. Wrap with acid free tissue paper.
  3. Fold the dress carefully.
  4. Place in clear plastic bag.
  5. Seal with adhesive tape.
  6. Bonus Tips.
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What is a wedding dress box made of?

Every box is made from breathable cardboard, instead of plastic, reducing the build up of humidity and keeping your dress safe and dry and less susceptible to rotting & mildew build up.

Will my wedding dress turn yellow in a year?

How Long Does it Take a Wedding Dress to Begin to Yellow? Delicate fabrics, such as satin and chiffon, will become a dulled yellow color after just 6 months, then slowly begin to turn darker shades of yellow over the years, finally reaching hues of light brown in just a few decades.

Can you store a wedding dress in a vacuum bag?

Never store your dress in a vacuum sealed bag or plastic container! While this may seem like a great way to preserve your gown, plastic containers or bags emit fumes that can yellow or discolor the fabric. Additionally, moisture trapped within the container can cause a buildup of mildew or mold.

How much does the average wedding dress weigh?

Dress weight A average wedding dress weighs about 3kg or 7lbs, but of course there is a wide range. The easy way to find out what your dress weighs: Jump on your bathroom scales (without the dress) and note your weight.

How much is it to ship a dress?

USPS First Class Mail is cheapest overall at around the $5 mark, or even less depending on weight. Using an envelope or small box with USPS is roughly equivalent in price. In this case, either the envelope or the small Flat Rate box would get you postage at around $8.

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How do you ship a poofy dress?

Fold the gown as required and use plastic to cover it (for the unlikely but possible event that the box gets wet). Seal the flaps and seams with strong mailing tape that is a minimum width of two inches. Place the shipping label on top and avoid putting the label over a seam/closure or on top of the tape.

How do you transport a dress?

Ideally, you’ll want to bring your dress in its original garment bag. If the flight has a closet in the front, you can hang the dress there. If not, lay it flat in one of the overhead bins. On a crowded flight, there might not be enough space for your gown to have its own bin.

How do you pack a dress so it doesn’t wrinkle in a suitcase?

If you want to prevent wrinkles, place your dresses inside of plastic dry cleaning bags before you pack them. If packing dresses in a carry-on, put them on top of your other items. When packing suitcases, you can fold your cocktail dresses in half and roll up your casual dresses.

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